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In a recent post, I spoke about college graduates and recommended Jay Forte’s book, “The Greatness Zone”.  Since then, I’ve been asked about my own experience in finding my greatness zone.  I am a prime example of how you can find your greatness zone at any age.  A friend of my parents told me that I should go into accounting since I enjoyed math.  That’s all it took to get me to take an accounting class in high school and declare that as my major in college.  I did enjoy the accounting and business classes I took, yet I also really enjoyed psychology.

Upon graduation, I worked for a public accounting firm, became a CPA and continued my accounting career for over 20 years.  I would still be in some type of executive financial role if it were not for a group of my peers.  I was a member of a TEC (now known as Vistage) Key Executive program when I was faced with merger that would require relocation to another part of the country.  While the opportunity was exciting, we did not want to move.  I brought the issue to my TEC group, and two people in the group suggested that I change careers completely and become a Chair of groups such as ours.  They saw some traits in me that I had never considered, and when I eventually took their advice and became a Chair, I realized I had finally found my greatness zone.

Unlike some of the people I described in my previous post, I was not unhappy in my executive financial roles.  I was very good at what I did, and I enjoyed managing people.  I also enjoyed the excitement of the many acquisitions and dispositions with which I was involved.  However I found that I became bored easily and always felt that something was missing.

Now I know that what was missing was that I am passionate about helping people and I thrive on challenges and change.  I love working with a variety of people and industries, and helping them become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results.  Just like in the book, it took other people to help me realize how to find my greatness zone.  And I am very thankful to be here!

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4 thoughts on “Finding My Greatness Zone

  1. There are no coincidences. Glad I took time to read your post, because now I am inspired to read “The Greatness Zone.” I’m a little familiar with the book. Hoping to take a look at this, and delve in deeper with improving my skills. And getting more in touch with true self.


  2. Absolutely can relate ! I spent most of my life doing what I was told I was good at and what was a “good job”. But then a day came when my desire for significance & passion took over…. Because of the journey I took, it led me to my life passion my own practice as a Business & Life Coach. Very Socratic as looking back, it all makes sense now!

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