4th of July Pride – Have You Established Pride in Your Organization?


Celebrating Freedom



Every year as the 4th of July draws near, I reflect on how proud I am to live in this great country.  We are able to experience freedom in so many ways, while people in other areas of the world are still struggling to be free of oppression.  I am grateful for what our forefathers were able to envision almost 240 years ago.  Although we may stray from that vision occasionally, we are still far ahead of so many other nations throughout the world.

What about your company?  Do your employees have that same sense of pride in your organization and in what you would like to achieve?  Are they grateful to be part of your team?    Or do you need to work on cohesiveness and vision?  If your people are not proud to be part of your company, find out why.  It could be that your culture needs to be improved.  It could also be that your vision has not been clearly communicated or that your employees disagree with the vision.  In any case, I’d suggest that you get to the bottom of it quickly.  Having engaged, focused employees can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Photo by:  Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton / Birthday Photos / CC BY-NC-ND


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