Unsung Heroes

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Unsung Heroes

Whenever we hear about a major event in the news, there are often stories of people doing heroic things for others.  At the Boston Marathon, a runner helped to save the life of another by putting a tourniquet on their wounded leg.   Elsewhere, a bystander dove into the water to save a child from drowning.  Someone else went into a burning car to rescue its occupants.  Every day there are stories of regular people putting their own lives at risk to help others.  These are mostly unsung heroes.  We expect firefighters, police officers and our military personnel to be heroes, and yet often it’s a normal, everyday citizen who is able to perform amazing, heroic feats in times of need.  While some of these heroes receive public recognition and praise on the front page of the news, others are unsung heroes who do not receive the recognition they deserve.  Sometimes we don’t even know their names.

Most companies have unsung heroes who do things above and beyond their position and call of duty.  Do you know who the unsung heroes are in your organization?  Do you have a process to identify them and recognizing them?  Why not encourage that behavior by recognizing it and giving public praise for specific situations and accomplishments?  Change your culture from having unsung heroes, to front page heroes.

Photo by:  Chris Reinhold / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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