Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day

Many people only think of Memorial Day as a holiday from work or the unofficial start of summer.  When I was young, I knew Memorial Day as the time we’d open the lake cottage and start our weekly treks to enjoy the lake on weekends.  It was also a time for parades and BBQs.  Flags were everywhere, symbolically honoring those who had fallen.

Each year I see fewer flags, and meet fewer people who spend a few moments giving thanks to those who have given their lives to keep us safe.  Without those brave men and women, we would not enjoy the many freedoms we have today.  Please help your employees to understand the true meaning of holidays such as Memorial Day, and the impact of the ultimate sacrifice made by so many Americans.  Perhaps you can start your weekly staff meeting this week with a moment of silence to honor those service men and women?  Or ask your team to share about any relatives or friends who have lost their lives in service to our country?  Make a difference!

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  1. Great thoughts Wendy and putting it into the workplace is really important. Unfortunately, as a 26 year veteran, I know that while we have been able to protect our freedoms from foreign enemies, we have been unable to defend them from the domestic enemies. Now there is almost nothing left to defend.

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