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Remember when air travel used to be fun?  I used to arrive at the airport less than 30 minutes before my flight and was easily able to make my flight.  Now we have long lines at security, lots of rules about what you can and cannot take onboard, and have to spend a lot of time waiting in the airport.  I understand the intent behind the changes – things will never be the same after 9/11 – but feel the experience could still be improved in many ways.

Those federal requirements are one thing.  What’s worse is how some of the airlines have made flying even more frustrating.  I recently flew on two different airlines.  They both charge for seat selection, checked bags, and even carry-on items.  The size and weight limitation for personal items, carry-ons and checked bags were different at each airline.  Therefore even though I was traveling just a few days apart, I could not take the same sized personal item or suitcase on both flights.  I had to spend a lot of time planning what to pack in which bag just so I would not have to pay extra when I arrived at the airport.  I would much rather have preferred to spend that time and energy elsewhere!

Have you created the same level of frustration for your customers to do business with you?  Do you have a lot of rules, requirements, and other obstacles that make it hard to do business with your company?  Or are you truly customer-friendly, making the experience simple and enjoyable?

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