Holiday Season Opportunities To Be a Star

Driskill Christmas Star
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Are you employees distracted at this time of year?  Are you?  We all have a lot on our plates, between buying gifts, holiday cards and parties galore.  And many people try to take some time off at this time of year, both to spend time with families, travel, or to use up that vacation time before it expires.   That can put a strain on the employees who are in the office and having to cover for others’ workloads.

So can any work get done in December?  Absolutely!  It just takes a bit more focus and effort.  December is a great time to finalize your planning for 2014, provide feedback to your employees on their performance during the year and communicate goals for next year.  And don’t forget to remember and celebrate your achievements during 2013!  Reflect back on what worked well so you can replicate it during the coming year.

December can also be a good time for sales.  Depending on the type of product or service you sell, many companies have money left in their budget that they want to spend by the end of the year.  Additionally, since many people are running errands on their lunch hour, it is often easier to get around the gatekeeper to reach the decision-maker.  Your call or visit may be a welcome distraction from the report they are not in the mood to read!  Remind your sales people to keep pushing and challenge them to exceed their normal monthly goal this month.  See if you can end the year on a high note with your best month of 2013.

Merry Christmas!



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