Changes and the New Year

2013_12_31 New Year photo for blogThe Bucs fired their head coach and general manager yesterday.  While it was no real surprise, it means that the Bucs players will once again be experiencing significant change and a new direction for 2014.  I wonder how easily and quickly some of them will adapt to the change.  A lot will depend upon who is brought in to lead the team and his style of management and leadership.  Sometimes a good house-cleaning is good for an organization.  Other times, stability is more effective for long-term success.

What about your organization?  Is it time for a good house-cleaning?  Are things getting stale and not heading in the direction you desire?  Let me clarify:  In my opinion, a good house-cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean changing the leadership team.  It could just mean doing a thorough analysis of what isn’t working and setting clearly defined goals to turn those problem areas around.

On the other hand, if things are working well and you are achieving your desired results, then perhaps stability should be your focus for 2014.  Try to stretch a bit more without making radical changes.  Take advantage of your stability and strengths and empower your employees to be all that they can be.

Happy New Year!


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