Walking While Texting

Texting while walking

Have you heard the statistics about the increase in texting deaths while walking?  People have walked in front of cars, walked off piers and run into walls because they are not watching where they are going.  While I hope you are not texting and walking, I wonder if this is a good analogy for what is happening at your business?

Is your head down, focused on the past or present?  Do you often find yourself getting mired in the detail and crises of the day?  How often are you looking ahead, scanning the horizon for what’s new and where your company should be heading?  The best leaders schedule time in their week for strategic thinking and long term planning.  They ensure they are making time to work on the most important things, rather than the urgent.

So the next time you see someone walking with their head down, distracted by their phone, use that as a reminder to schedule time in your week to focus on the future of your business.

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  1. Our EOS Business Coach tells us to take “clarity breaks” in order to be “strategic” in our business path forward. And the clarity break is used to “focus ON the business” versus “working in the business”.

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