One Day at a Time

January 2015 calendar

I asked someone recently how they were doing, and their response to me was, “Just taking it one day at a time”. They were going through some challenges, and were focused on just slogging through the difficult times and making it safely to the next day. It can be rewarding to see the minor improvements that occur when you overcome large hurdles one small piece at a time. Just be careful not to make the “one day at a time” approach a way of life in business if you are a leader.

As a leader, you should always be focused on the big picture, steering the ship. If you and your team spend too much time in the “one day at a time” mindset, your ship can veer off course. Before you realize it, you have to make major course corrections to get back on course. To prevent those course corrections, I suggest that you schedule time in your calendar to focus on your long term vision. At least once each month, if not more frequently, you should be pulling out your scope to look at the horizon and make sure you are headed in the right direction. Making minor course corrections along the way is much easier and less disruptive than having to completely change everything when you finally realize you are significantly off course.

Why not start off 2015 by putting regular vision time into your calendar? Then you can relax and enjoy success one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Your idea is applicable to many aspects of life. Yes, I agree that as a leader you need to set the course and plan ahead. I believe that time is really precious and is the most expensive possession of men. Once we make a wrong move, we can never go back in time and change that. Hence, we need to look ahead and anticipate adversities in the future.

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